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This is just wrong (Google came up with it in a completely unrelated search - I swear - "Things we are not meant to know" was the search if you must know.)

It subverts all that was good about hippydom.

I can't believe there is a market for it. It makes me wonder how many hippy guys totally lech over the naked girls at rainbow gatherings or what not. I always thought of it as something innocent and I still do, but this draws attention to the fact that there are bad apples on top of those fuckers that steal your shoes if you don't use them as a pillow.
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    Sun, May 30, 2004 - 10:42 PM
    oh boy, you've opened a can of worms...i hope we can debate this without anyone getting pissed off. 'porn' is a controversial topic and what is at the root of the conflict actually has little to do with the pictures or the women or the 'lechers', it has more to do with our own personal attitudes/fears/limitations about sexuality.

    i have seen that website before, back when i did a search for 'hippie porn'. My boyfriend and i used to watch pornos together occasionally and lamented that we could never find any videos with 'real' people in them. the only one we found was a French one in which the people looked very natural, not plastic, and both sexes appeared to be genuinely enjoying themselves. we never found one like that again, and began to brainstorm ideas about how we would do it if we were to make a video of our own, or a website, or a magazine, etc.

    When i found the hippie goddesses website, my first thought was, "hey, there's a fetish for just about everything, so why not work it?" these ladies IMO have not sold out to the porn industry, they are *affecting it*. *changing it*. opening minds. I feel that by intentionally placing their images on the web for a _price_, they are actually in better standing than the naive hippie chicks at Rainbow Gatherings who think that "it's all good, sister" means that they can trust the lecher in the tie-dye who could drug and date-rape them and it would all be in the name of "Free Love" like the old-skool hippies used to say.

    This topic is SO MUCH what this tribe is about.

    When you say that "It subverts all that was good about hippydom. ", do you mean to imply that the hippies we used to know were asexual, chaste, pure, untainted by the scourge of sexuality? if so, i beg to differ. Just because they were more wholesome than Traci Lords or Pamela Anderson does not make them less sexual--i'm not sure what you're getting at by saying this, so before i go off too much on it, perhaps you can explain more.

    i want to illustrate some examples of the difference between positive and negative sexual expression, as i see it. is a website that comes to mind as one where the women are totally empowered by their ability to express their sexuality in a safe and celebratory forum. These girls are in charge of what the men get to see, and they are HOT HOT HOT! is a website that makes me want to vomit repeatedly, and then find a way for those girls to make the money they need without having to degrade themselves publicly. These photo shoots and videos are directed by a sick fucker with no respect for women whatsoever. I have personally been so hard up for money that i considered working for this guy and all i had to do was read the words "Rodney Blast survivor #801" to know that no amount of money could make me that desperate. The worst thing about it is that he particularly likes hairy girls and hippies, but they don't get to be represented as Goddesses, they are just Hairy Ho's.

    The Hippie Goddess site to me is like a frolic through a Rubens painting. It's mildly erotic, doesn't do much for me, and i wonder how many others really get off on it. Even so, it's refreshing to see all aspects of sexuality expressed in our culture--after centuries of shame and repression, we are at the point of a renaissance or Golden Age during which the Tantric Arts will synthesize sex with healing once again.
    See or for examples of real-life practitioners of such sexual healing techniques. I used to work for them as a receptionist and appointment-setter and then built & maintained their first website. my art is still on the site, although it has been rebuilt by someone else. I maintain a connection with these ladies because i believe in what they do--when they call themselves Goddesses, they mean it--not in the sense that "Goddess" is emblazened upon a tiny t-shirt in the mall for 13-year-old girls to attract pedophiles with, but in the sense that they are empowered to change the sexual paradigm women have lived under for too long.

    Finally, i don't doubt that "hippie guys" have secretly lusted after naked girls at Rainbow Gatherings. This is one reason why i have never been to, nor will ever attend a Rainbow Gathering. There is a difference between the hippie guy who sees the beautiful spirit and light of a woman who is unashamed of her physical body, and the hippie guy who is really an unfulfilled, sexually dysfunctional, broken, lonely, lost soul in a Tie-Dye who lusts after an image of someone who might be able to save him, if only he knew how broken he really is. From what I have gathered, the National Rainbow Gatherings have become overrun by vampires who flock to prey upon the light of the innocent. I hope that Burning Man doesn't end up like that, but time will tell.

    I am not judging you, Brent, but I would like to suggest that you examine your own view of sexuality and question why you take such offense to that website.


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      Mon, May 31, 2004 - 10:31 AM
      I am pretty open about sexuality - I'm hardly a prude atleast. And your right, I should question why it makes me uncomfortable. To let you know where I'm coming from let me say that I don't have any issue with "alternative" sexual practices. I even freaked out my Ethics class by making the argument, and a damn good one too, that incest between consenting adults wasn't morally wrong (but it's still kind of gross). Actually, my view of sexual morality is that there is nothing inherently immoral about any kind of sex. In other words, sex is amoral. It is the situations and consequences that the sex is tied up with that makes sex immoral (e.g. rape is immoral because of the involuntary domination and the ensuing emotional pain). I wouldn't even go so far as to say that porn is immoral in and of itself barring any obviously sinister exploitation.

      My problem with porn is that it is inherently a one sided exchange. There is no interaction aside from an imaginary interaction in porn. The women's body is just an object for the customer to build an imaginary character with. I think healthy sex IS an interaction on more than just the physical level. And of course that interaction is impossible in porn.

      About the "it subverts all that was good about hippydom" I said that half-seriously. I know that hippies are often from from pure and chaste. But it's that before BM, hippy gatherings were the only place I had been where nudity wasn't always seen as something sexual. There was somethig aesthetically pleasing about that. It was one of hippydom's redeeming qualities.

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        Re: Hippie Porn

        Mon, May 31, 2004 - 10:30 PM
        "The women's body is just an object for the customer to build an imaginary character with."

        I was thinking about this earlier today. And It's really what people do with actors in movies. So really there is nothing wrong with this aspect of it. But the fact that it's not an exchange, other than monetary, still bothers me. It just seems that that is what sex SHOULD be. Which is to say that is what I find aesthetically pleasing about sex - the mutual exchange of pleasure.

        I'm not trying to be all lofty and morally superior. On somewhat of a tangent this kind of reminds me of the time that my girlfriend was talking to her friend that she hadn't spoke to in a while. When she asked what she had been doing lately her friend said jokingly but serious "Having sex with strangers." After she was off the phone I was like "Dude, that's so gross." My girlfriend rolls her eyes and says "We knew each other for an hour when we first had didn't even know my name!" Boy did I feel stupid.
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          Tue, June 1, 2004 - 1:50 AM
          right on...
          these are all examples of the INFINITE spectrum of human energy exchange. i personally feel that it's *all* legitimate, everything has its place--even the unsavory, illegal, immoral...they are all aspects of humanity and you know, it's all gonna come out in the wash, uknowwati'msayin?

          the so-called objectification of women will pervade as long as women allow themselves to be used for that purpose. i don't believe that they are automatically victims just because thousands of perverts are gawking their gashes.

          i once answered an ad for a nude photo shoot and went through with it for the $400 knowing fully well that the images might 'migrate' off the members-only website. i took my chances, assuming that the likelihood of someone i know (a relative being the worst-case scenario) finding these photos of me in a sea of MUCH hotter bimbos was approaching zero. and guess what??? a good friend found some of them posted to a newsgroup not even a year later!!! how did he find them? he was searching for binaries of girls with natural (big) boobies and there i was with my girls, on his computer screen. he asked me about it because he was intensely curious if i had a doppelganger in the porn industry or if i indeed had posed for those photos. embarrassed as i was, i had to admit it when he sent me one of the (more prudent) pictures for confirmation. recalling how that particular shoot had progressed, i had to force myself not to think about the fact that this friend, who admittedly has admired me in more ways than one for many years, had me in his collection of visual entertainment. you know, there's some times in life when you want to just hit 'delete' and make it go away. yup, this was one of them.

          if i gained anything from this experience other than the quick $400 that helped me move out of my boyfriend's parents' house, it was this: As time becomes more and more compressed, our lessons come more immediately. we no longer have to wait centuries or even decades for our Karma to reflect the bright light back into our eyes, it is right here, right now. Every action has a consequence, and we cannot escape this once we have committed ourselves to consciousness.

          i see that it's happening to you too.

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            Re: Hippie Porn

            Tue, June 1, 2004 - 2:20 AM
            "these are all examples of the INFINITE spectrum of human energy exchange. i personally feel that it's *all* legitimate, everything has its place--even the unsavory, illegal, immoral...they are all aspects of humanity and you know, it's all gonna come out in the wash, uknowwati'msayin? " -madame

            This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

            "Humani nihil alienum putat" (He deems nothing human alien to Him)
            -Thomas De Quincey, Confessions of an English Opium Eater

            I very much like that idea because I think so much pain in the world is caused by people thinking of other people and thier actions as something alien and therefore a lack of compassion is given a chance to take over.

            I do think I know what your saying and it resonates with me. It's true that my feelings about porn probably says more about me than porn. But I am saddened when I see stuff like that rodney what's his face site.
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              Re: Hippie Porn

              Tue, June 1, 2004 - 12:44 PM
              After reading through this great conversation I just want to weigh in little on Brentt's side of the arguement. I think porn is mostly crap simply because it's porn. Just my opinion. And I didn't like seeing the hippie porn. It didn't make me feel empowered as a woman. It reminded me of the parties and nude beaches of my childhood where men who were supposed to be "cool" with nakedness were still ogling women in a way that definitely affected me as a girl.
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                Re: Hippie Poem

                Tue, June 1, 2004 - 7:05 PM
                Just a reminder that it's Wild Fire Season... (yeah, I know it sounds great, doesn't it?). But please, please, please be extra careful! I'd hate to hear that one of these big wildfires was started by a fire spinner. It would really fuck it up for all of us.

                I would think that park rangers and other authority figures would also be extra nervous. Think before you spin... so, at the very least, when someone starts asking questions you already have answers.
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                Tue, June 1, 2004 - 11:08 PM
                Well i think it would be really hard for you (Rebekah) to be objective about this in particular because you have had negative personal experiences with Lechers posing as Free-Lovin peaceniks.

                I am at a loss here (fortunately!) having never experienced sexual abuse, molestation, inappropriate sexual attention or actions from a relative or family friend. i am able to be totally objective because i don't have any emotional attachment (good or bad) to what I see in these pictures. i do, however, have a deep sense of empathy and compassion for the dozens of women i know who have been through difficult sexual experiences. SO MANY of them end up in the porn industry and few of them manage to find healing in it, they are just compelled to go there because of their past and the attitudes they developed about themselves as a result of it.

                i was nearly date-raped a couple of times in college and really the only thing that kept it from happening was my own conviction. if i'd had that power taken from me at a young age, i would have surely been an easy target for sexual manipulation. i have always known that i am in charge of my own body and no one can take that away from me. I did get to see how easy it is for men to take advantage of women who feel obligated to provide for them and i think there is a lot of this going on under the surface when a woman decides to get involved in the sex industry.

                so how about the rest of you freaks out there? what do _you_ think?

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                  Re: Hippie Porn

                  Wed, June 2, 2004 - 2:30 PM
                  "I did get to see how easy it is for men to take advantage of women who feel obligated to provide for them and i think there is a lot of this going on under the surface when a woman decides to get involved in the sex industry. "

                  To me this in itself is enough to make it crappy.
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                  Re: Hippie Porn

                  Thu, June 3, 2004 - 12:21 PM
                  "Well i think it would be really hard for you (Rebekah) to be objective about this in particular because you have had negative personal experiences with Lechers posing as Free-Lovin peaceniks."

                  This makes it sound like my opinion isn't valid because I noticed that people are not always what they may seem in these situations. I would say I'm just not naive about it.

                  By telling you my experience, I just proved the point that there are gross hippy men ogling naked hippy women. That's just the way it is.
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                    Re: Hippie Porn

                    Sat, June 5, 2004 - 1:22 AM
                    i'm sorry if what i wrote came off as invalidating your opinion...not my intent in the least. i just wanted to draw attention to the fact that subjectively, we may elicit strong reactions to things that others may not ever experience.

                    for example, i know that my stepmom's father was a bit of a pervert--he said things that made us uncomfortable sometimes--but he never touched me inappropriately so i thought he was just a dirty old man having a little fun. that is how most of the family viewed him. when my cousin told me that he fingered her once and felt her up, i didn't want to believe it, but it was entirely possible. i was at odds with this for years because i really wanted him to just be a mildly dirty old man, not a pedophile--this is how naive i can be, i want to think the best of everyone no matter what they do. the reason i feel this way is that in my heart i feel the person's highest self and know that they can be that if they just get over their bullshit.

                    so in regard to gross hippy men ogling naked women, maybe that's what they are, but that doesn't mean they can't be rehabilitated by progressive, empowered women.

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                      Re: Hippie Porn

                      Sun, June 6, 2004 - 8:26 PM
                      By looking at hippie porn? I seriously doubt it.

                      I'm not saying people don't change.I'm really quite hopeful that someday things will be different. But pretending they already are doesn't work, or the whole PC speeech thing would have eradicated prejudice.

                      I understand wanting to think the best of people, but if you don't see a problem, it's hard to solve it.

                      I'm not against porn, and I'm not saying hippy porn is any more or less right or wrong than nay other porn, but I am saying I think it's dangerous to believe too much in innocence where it doesn't exist.
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                        Sun, June 6, 2004 - 11:52 PM
                        "I think it's dangerous to believe too much in innocence where it doesn't exist. "

                        this is probably a whole new topic in itself, or belongs in a different tribe, but i wanted to share my opinion regarding this statement because there are many ways of looking at it.:

                        I am coming from a very Buddhist perspective on the matter. i believe that *everyone* is innocent in their true heart of hearts. what corrupts this innocence is fear. break it all down, all of the perversions of man, they all come down to fear. pain, ignorance, greed, lust, attachment, all have roots in fear. i am not afraid to keep on believing this, because i don't think that there is anything anyone could do to hurt me beyond my capacity for forgiveness. even the most purely evil, selfish acts are committed by people who are scared little children inside, and i have compassion for them. again, i was never hurt sexually as a child, so i don't know what it's like to have rage like that. but i *was* hurt emotionally by my mother, and still somehow i manage to forgive her and wish the best for her. the best way i can clear the damage that was done to me is by not passing it on to my children. and the best possible application for my undying faith in the essential goodness of humanity is to help bring people to the places where they actually love themselves.

                        i'm not pretending that people deep inside want to be good, i really believe it.

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                        Tue, June 15, 2004 - 8:12 PM
                        "I think it's dangerous to believe too much in innocence where it doesn't exist."

                        This has some puritanical connotations.

                        I think we need to stop associating consentual sex acts with innocence or a lack thereof.

                        A great movie to see would be "The Loss of Sexual Innocence." Most people don't get it, but Figgis says a lot about knowledge and sex and "The Fall." You'll probably find the innocence you speak of is not posessed by anyone in this culture, and its loss has a lot less to do with sexuality than you may think. So while you go on about other's lack of it please don't forget you're not in that garden either. Haha!
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                          Wed, June 16, 2004 - 12:07 PM
                          i saw this awhile ago. i think it is a sick twist of crazy fate. for real, are they making any money off this?
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    Sun, August 22, 2004 - 7:10 PM
    I love the website, makes me happy to see all those naked hippie chicks. Nothing wrong about being turned on by women or men, its what we do with the energy. If i'm turned on, and i send my energy to another, or try to get something from another energetically, then there is something less that wholy about the interaction. But if someone is naked (or not) and it turns me on to see them, really they are just reminding me of my birthright (which is for my sexual/creative/creator energy to be flowing within me). I guess i know that its not them i *need* to feel sexy and whole.

    Now what happens to me that bothers me about ppl who are leacherous, is that they are trying to get something from me that they can only find within themself. Then sometimes i get off center trying to hide my light (sexual energy) because i forget that they can't really take it from me. And sometimes i feel sad for them because they can't get what i have from trying to take it from me. Its kind of a messed up dynamic.
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      Sun, September 5, 2004 - 5:06 AM
      i'm not sure what i think about the morality of porn, even after reading this thread, BUT

      i doubt the people hosting that site are hippies. coulda been random people who showed up to gatherings, who's to know? i don't think the hippy chicks involved would be pleased to see that. not at all.

      if you want to check out some great hippy porn, go rent the movie 'fritz the cat' me.